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Puea Thai: Thaksin being persecuted

Published: 29/10/2009

(Posted by CAAI News Media)

It’s hard for the government to deny that stripping deposed former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra of his police rank is political persecution, opposition Puea Thai Party deputy leader Kanawat Wasinsangvorn said on Thursday.

“Considering the ongoing political situation, most people believe Thaksin is being persecuted in order to reduce his credibility,” Mr Kanawat said.

The former premier was being discredited because Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was suffering continual setbacks.

“Lately, Mr Abhisit had lost face as five leaders of member countries did not show up at the opening ceremony of the Asean summit in Hua Hin last weekend,” he said.

In addition, the prime minister had destroyed previously good relations with Cambodia by using strong words in an interview in retaliation for the Cambodian prime minister's statements about Thaksin.

He claimed that Mr Abhisit was not acceptable to many leaders of Asean. The premier also lost face when a recent poll results showed that he was less popular than Thaksin.

Mr Kanawat said the continuing political retaliation will only escalate the problem of social divisions, and lead to violent confrontation.

He called on Mr Abhisit to be patient and use the limited time he had left in office to perform his duty, rather than playing political games.

He suggested the prime minister quickly settle the problems behind the train strike that inconvenienced so many passengers and the investment impasse in Rayong’s Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, which he said was destroying investor confidence.

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