Sunday, October 4, 2009

No World Teachers' Day celebration allowed in Hun Xen's Cambodia

Cops preventing the celebration of the World Teachers' Day (Photo: DAP-news)

Teachers not allowed to celebrate World Teachers’ Day in front of the old National Assembly building

05 October 2009
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Rong Chhun, President of the Cambodia Independent Teachers’ Association (CITA), declared earlier that his association will hold a meeting that includes 150 teachers to celebrate the World Teachers’ Day on Monday 05 October 2009 in front of the old National Assembly building. However, this morning, Rong Chhun cannot hold the event because the cops closed all the streets starting from in front of the royal palace all the way to the public park located in front of Wat Botum Pagoda. Police forces are also seen guarding this area. On Sunday, Rong Chhun said that the Phnom Penh city hall did not authorize CITA to celebrate the World Teachers’ Day that would include a parade leading to the old National Assembly building and the ministry of Education, Youth and Sports because that celebration would be done to attract the attention on the teachers’ role from the part of the government and the public. Furthermore, CITA also planned to demand that the government increases the salary for teachers to 1 million riels ($250) per month during that day.

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