Saturday, September 26, 2009

Three sacked Radio Free Asia staff burned tyres in front of Radio Free Asia's office in Phnom Penh

Source: Deum Ampil Newpspaper
Reported in English by Khmerization

Two more Radio Free Asia's staff had been sacked after they protested against the sacking of one of their colleague a day earlier, reported Deum Ampil News.

On Thursday (24th Sept.) Ms. Sieng Sophorn has been told that RFA does not have the fund to continue to employ her any longer. However, she disputed the RFA's reason for her sacking and accused RFA management of cronyism. "If Radio Free Asia said that it does not have the money, then why did it continue to recruit more staff?", she said.

Deum Ampil reported that two more staff, Mr. Huy Vannak and Mr. Thai Sothea, were sacked on Friday (25th) after they protested against the sacking of Ms. Sieng Sophorn. However, they said that Mr. Kem Sos, RFA's director of Khmer Services, told them that their sackings were due to RFA's restructure, which they don't believe.

At 6:50pm on Friday night, they burned car tyres in front of RFA's office which located behind the Royal Palace in protest against their sackings.

Scenes of tyre burnings by the three sacked RFA reporters.

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