Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Kampup Tae Ong Puon Nov Knog Kbaal Siem" Poems by a Group of Poets

Anonymous said...

Kher song for people of this World.
Communist Sihanouk,Ho Chi Minh and Mao have no Pchhum Ben.
4:27 PM
Anonymous said...

Ah chkae kanhchas Hin Sithan and extreme group
speak like gangsters. Just read the one at
Ah chkae kanhchas Hin Sithan, Mi Ung Thavry (Mi Pdei ruth choale), Ly Ngoc Dinh or Ly Anthony (Keuth nov Srok Youn, not KK, Fr. Navy), Ah Hin Sithan (Fr. KR, Propun Siam), Ah Yim Guechsè (PhD Literrature in Germany), and the rest of his gangs are losing touch. The arrogant Sangkum Reastr Niyum generation and the corrupt Lon Nol generation see no future but war.

To them there is no common cures for the Nation.

If there is a GOD, please deliver the sudden death to ah extreme group ASAP, so we can unite and help to rebuild our country.

Do you want Democracy in Cambodia?
if so, why don't you all come here and practice your New Democracy?
Don't you just stand there and bullshits like the death dogs' without owner.

Yis puok ah chkae ngorb M'chas! khom preung sraek tov!
puok ah kjom Siam teing tae preung j Siam dermbey oy kee choeur tha vea chea khmer, tam pid propun vea Siam teing arch chhmos mi Sangam.
Cham naek Ah Yiep preung j yuon dermbey oy kee choeur tha vea chea khmer tam pid vea chea yuon tae mdong.
4:29 PM
Anonymous said...

6:48 PM
Anonymous said...

This seemed ridiculous all forces are not armed and if this occured very bad our forces will get injured without protected gears. Hun Sen would say uh oh I told you be very careful. 4,000 siam versus 1,000 forces + 500 villagers. This is unacceptable remembered US had pouring in $58M for road contruction nothing had been happened. At least they should bought some gears for our forces such as protected bortons, helmets and bullet proofs vest. Where is all the money? All for CPP members.
8:06 PM
Anonymous said...

A special request from the reader of this KI site to the poets:

It is good to write poems to try to correct the behaviour of the current government and people.

It also appears that all the poets love Cambodia, her people and seem genuinely patriotic; however, this is the time they can demonstrate their nationalism by writing something to urge Cambodians to be united to defend Preah Vihear.

Do you believe that anyone of you can really do better than Hun Sen considering all the problems Cambodia is facing? Corruption is in Cambodian blood and it is not easy to take it away. Even under Sihanouk whose regime appeared more stable, corruption still plagued his government. Hun Sen needs to care for his skin too and this is the character of many Cambodian leaders. He is not the exception. For a real change to come, you need to help educate the people of Cambodia by going there to work so they are not easily fooled.

If Hun Sen can stand firmly to defend Preah Vihear, would you not give him some credits? Let's be fair here. You are not the only persons who love Cambodia!

Why don't you write a poem telling me what your vision is for Cambodia and how you will solve all the problems facing Cambodia today?

Are you asking every Khmer to stand up and fight both the Thais and the Viets at the same time?

Everyone knows about Cambodian history, but the reality is that you can't openly confront them and you know that. Instead of writing all these poemes, which won't change the situation on the ground, you should go to Cambodia and volunteer your time to help teach the younger generation because only through education can true change happen in Cambodia and it will take time.

Try to find a concrete way to help your country and people!

Anet Khmer
11:53 PM
Anonymous said...

Ah Hin Sithan group is from Lon Nol regimes. They are straight shooters, racist and extremists. You can say ah Hin Sithan group are Khmer Klu Klux Klan.
Between them and King Sihanouk is hate. They won't go with metaphor or satire beside hate and straight shooting. The new generation hate them because members of Ah Him Sithan group are narrow mind people and too extreme.
Ah Former KR, Propun Siam ah na kor skorl nov Battambang. Ta Pet nov tuol Ta Eik said, you worked as Khmer Rouge internal at Lycee Netyang since 1967 after Samlaut.
12:33 AM
Anonymous said...

Ah Hok is one of the gangs. He's a Viet secret spy agent and entered in U.S.A through a SHAM MARRIAGE arranged by a lady names Reach, Bun Ho living in Tacoma, Washington state. The khmer widow who involved with Song Kunthea's sham marriage is Mr. Son Samai's daugther living behind old cambodian pagoda, Mckinlee Avenue, in Tacoma, Washington.

Reach, Bun Ho is an in-law to Nuon Chea, the criminal at ECCC. In 1993, her son names Hap, Narong went to Battambang, Wat Kor and married Nuon Chea's niece named Nuon Keth. Both of them are now living in Booney Lake, Washington.

She tried to put a blame one somebody else to cover up her thrue relationship with Nuon Chea.
1:14 AM
Anonymous said...

Lok Anet Khmer (11:53 PM) euy!
You have your own opinions; they have their own opinions.
1:21 AM
Anonymous said...

11:53 PM,

Did, does, and will Hun Sen and his cronies, plus their ruling paarty follow the RULES OF LAWS, Human Rights, stop land grabbings, facilitate Vietnamese illegal immigrants to resettle inside Cambodia,Oppress, intimidate people ....etc ,yet.

They didn't, doesn't, and won't show their intentions to improve these mentions above yet, man.
6:45 AM
Anonymous said...

11:53 PM,

The poem is a way to educate khmer people too.

Do you read it, and understand the meanings for khmer people, but no you and Hun Sen's cronies, to learn and know their RIGTHS as Khmer Citizen.

You pretend to be their masters, and treated all Khmers as your own SLAVES.

Do you understand that ???

What next?

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