Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 1 of Kan Bendah Festival Ceremony at Wat Odom Sakum Khmer (CAAI's Temple)

We are member of the Auckland Cambodian Community have gathered and organised to host the first Kan Bindah even at Wat Odom Samakum Khmer Temple and of The Cambodian Association (Auckland) Inc. for the offering to the Monks in order to dedicate, and pass the good deed to our diseased ancestors.

Name of the organisers

Mrs. Houng Eng Ly - Mrs. Ngov Kim Lang Ly - Mr & Mrs. Han Leang Ly - Mr & Mrs Ngov Ing Jung - Mr & Mrs. Hoc Thong Tieu - Mr & Mrs Khy Ung - Mr & Mrs Sam On Kim - Mrs. Guech Huoy Chea - Mr & Mrs Han Veng Ly - Mr & Mrs Sou Hoeung Ly - Mr & Mrs. Song Cao Lam - Mr & Mrs Meng Kaing Taing - Mr & Mrs. Meng Ly - Mr & Mrs. Leang Ly

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