Monday, September 21, 2009

A commie celebrates the Pchum Ben religious ceremony in the US?

Tea Banh (R) and Hem Heng (L) (Photo: Sam Borin, RFA)
According to Wikipedia, Tea Banh is of Sino--Thai descent, His father named Tea Toek, a Thai-Chinese, and his mother Nou Pengchend, a Thai descendant.

Tea Banh joined the Pchum Ben celebration with Cambodian-Americans

21 September 2009
By Sam Borin
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy
Click here to read the article in Khmer

About 1,000 Cambodian expats, especially those who live around Washington DC, celebrated the last day of the Pchum Ben festival in a ceremony where a high-ranking Hun Xen’s regime official joined in.

In his participation in the Pchum Ben celebration with Cambodian Buddhists at the Puthikaram Pagoda, Washington DC, Tea Banh, the Cambodian vice-PM and minister of Defense, expressed his emotion to see the similarities of the various [religious] buildings and the Pchum Ben celebration activities held by various Cambodian Buddhist followers from various states around Washington DC, USA.

Tea Banh who was accompanied by Hem Heng, the Cambodian ambassador to the US, joined with more than 1,000 Cambodians to celebrate the last day of Pchum Ben.

During the celebration, Tea Banh told reporters that he is happy to join in this national celebration. “It’s very good, it’s extremely good, even if they left the country, but we still preserve our good national customs, this is a good thing for our people. I am very proud for our people, even they live far away, they still maintain their traditions very well. It’s very similar, the ornaments [on the temple] are also similar, the rituals are exactly the same. I am moved to see that we maintain our [customs]. Nobody can detract the beliefs that we have and we still maintain them very well,” Tea Banh said.

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